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New for 2017 thairapy opens it's tanning room featuring the brand new E7 Collagen tanning booth offering a beautiful all over tan with the benefits only the latest collagen tubes can offer:

  • Renewal of Collagen and Elastin Fibres in the Skin
  • Smoothens the Skin
  • Reduces Pore Size
  • Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Reduces Deposits of Cellulite
  • Oxygenation and Detoxification of the Skin
  • Improvement of the Skin’s Moisture Retention, Suppleness and Firmness
  • Reduces Spots
  • Visible Anti-Aging
  • Helps Weight Loss
  • Relieve Pain
  • Stimulates Blood Flow For Increased Circulation
  • Feels Good

Relax and unwind in the comfort and security of our private tanning room

Tanning Price List

Session Length Cost
Single session 3 Minutes £2.70
Set of 4 sessions 12 Minutes £10.00
Set of 10 sessions 30 Minutes £26.00

We also offer a wide range of tan accelerators, moisturisers and bronzers starting from £1.00 per application.

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